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Ear molding is an effective, non-invasive treatment for infant ear deformities

Until recently there was no reliable, effective method of treating infant ear abnormalities without surgery. Thankfully now there is a reliable, non-invasive alternative that can be performed in your doctor's rooms. 

While ear molding has not been performed in Australia until recently, experts from many countries have published on the effectiveness of the technique. Below is what experts in the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand have said about ear molding:

"Congenital ear deformities are common and only approximately 30 percent self-correct. These deformities can be corrected by initiating appropriate molding in the first week of life. Neonatal molding reduces the need for surgical correction with results that often exceed what can be achieved with the surgical alternative." Byrd HS, Langevin CJ, Ghidoni LA. Ear molding in newborn infants with auricular deformities. Plast Reconstr Surg 2010 Oct; 126(4):1191-200

"Postpartum splinting can completely correct congenital ear deformities and obviate the need for later surgery." Lindford AJ, Hettiaratchy S, Schonauer F. Postpartum splinting of ear deformities. BMJ 2007;334:366

Ear Molding "is an effective treatment strategy that will largely negate the need for surgical correction of deformational auricular anomalies" - Tan S, Wright A, Hemphill A, Ashton K, Evans J. Correction of deformational auricular anomalies by moulding - results of a fast-track service. NZMJ 2003 Vol 116 No 1181