About EarWell

The EarWellTM Infant Ear Correction System has been specifically designed for infant ear molding and can be applied in infants up to 6 weeks of age. We recommend it as the most effective and customisable device for infant ear molding. 

EarWellTM must be applied early in a child’s life. The optimum is less than 3 weeks of age and the earlier the better. EarWell has successfully corrected thousands of baby ears worldwide with very few failures. EarWellTM is safe, tested, pain-free AND it works. The EarWell™ procedure is completed in just minutes, right in your doctor’s office. After 4-6 weeks, the ears will be shaped normally.

This video shows US plastic surgeon Dr Steve Byrd applying the EarWellTM system to an infant's ear to treat Stahl's deformity: