Buy the EarWell

EarWellTM Starter Kits are available for purchase from Ear Molding Australia in three kit sizes:

To order simply contact Ear Molding Australia or download and submit this order form. As the EarWellTM Infant Ear Correction Device must be applied by a trained health professional under the supervision of a doctor we require that orders be accompanied by the medical registration number and contact details of the supervising doctor. All kits come with an instructional video and we provide additional training and support (including access to additional online videos showing advanced application techniques) to EarWellTM doctors through our Medical Director Dr Jill Tomlinson (Plastic Surgeon).  


After completing the order form please await confirmation from Ear Molding Australia regarding postage and delivery costs prior to sending payment. Warranty is calculated by our couriers at 2% of the cost of the goods. Payment can be made via direct bank transfer - see order form for details. If you have any queries please contact us for assistance.