How do I know if ear molding is suitable for my baby?

If you have any concerns about your baby's ears it is advisable to see an expert to have your baby assessed. Ear molding is most effective in the first weeks of life so early assessment is strongly recommended. 

How is ear molding performed?

Ear molding is performed in your doctor's office. Adhesive cradles and silicone components are applied around the ear and to the rim of the ear. The ear molding devices remain in position for 14-17 days before you return to your doctor's office to have the device removed and to check the progress.

How long does ear molding treatment last for?

Treatment generally lasts between 2 and 6 weeks. The duration of treatment varies according to the age that treatment is commenced and the extent to which the ear requires molding (mild ear problems require less molding than severe ear problems).

What types of ear problems can be treated with ear molding?

Ear molding can treat prominent ears, cup ear, lop ear, mixed ear deformities, Stahl's ear, helical rim abnormalities and cryptotia ("hidden ear"). The image below shows some of the common problems treated with the EarWellTM


What are the side effects or risks of ear molding?

Ear molding is safe and effective. The most common problem encountered during ear molding is mild skin irritation. Skin irritation can generally be prevented by keeping the ear dry during treatment - much as nappy rash can be prevented. Any skin irritation usually settles quickly (within 24 hours) after removal of the device and does not require specific treatment. 

Does ear molding affect my baby's hearing?

No. The ear molding devices do not interfere with sound transmission or hearing. 

We recommend that your baby have his or her hearing tests prior to the application of the EarWellTM as the device makes it difficult for the hearing tester to effectively apply the testing headphones during treatment. 

My baby is 14 months old and has ears that stick out. Is ear molding suitable for her?

Ear molding is not suitable for treating ear problems in older infants. Surgery is an option for treating your daughter's ears, once she is at least 4 years of age. 

How can I purchase the EarWellTM?

Because the EarWellTM should only be applied by a trained health professional under the supervision of a doctor, we require that all orders for EarWell kits be accompanied by the contact details and medical registration number of the supervising doctor. The EarWellTM can be purchased in one of three kits according to the number of infants being treated and the size of the ears. 

Is there an EarWellTM provider near me?

Please see this page for the list of Australia doctors who currently provide EarWellTM applications.

If you are a doctor or know of a doctor who would be interested in providing EarWellTM treatment to infants in your/their area please contact us - we receive enquiries from parents across Australia who are seeking an EarWell doctor and would love to expand the options available to parents and infants who seek ear correction therapy. We provide training and support to Australian EarWellTM doctors.