EarWell Starter Kit (Original)

The EarWellTM Starter Kit (Original) comes with the components required for 4 complete bilateral procedures - for four infants with three applications each. Each application usually lasts 14-17 days. The duration of application for each infant varies under the direction of the treating doctor, and not all infants will require three applications. 

Contents: EarWell Starter Kit (Original)



Medium Cradle Sets (L & R) 8 sets  
Large Cradle Sets (L & R) 4 sets  
Mini Retractors 12 each  
Medium Retractors 20 each  
Large Retractors 8 each  
Conchal Former 28 each  
Conchal Former with foam 20 each  
Hair Trimmer & Battery 1 each  
EarWell Forceps 2 each  
Alcohol Wipes 20 each  
Acetone/alcohol swabsticks 30 each  
Micropore Tape (1" by 36") 4 rolls  
Retainer Tape 8 sets  
Information Pouch (including video & parent information) 1 each  
Ear Prosthetic (training) 1 each  

The EarWellTM Infant Ear Correction Device is only to be applied by a trained healthcare professional under the supervision of a qualified doctor. To order an EarWellTM Starter Kit (Original) for $2990 (plus P&H) please contact Ear Molding Australia on (03) 9427 9596, email us or download and submit this order formThe medical registration number of the supervising doctor must be supplied for purchase.